So– let me reiterate that we’re not having a “flowery wedding” (I hope that makes sense!) And what we are doing flower-wise will be a lot of DIY ( with the exceptions of bouts/corsages/and ahem…my bouquet).
So yesterday, I bought the first of a bunch of books I plan on reading on the art of flower arranging.
This first one, Simple Stunning Wedding Flowers by Karen Bussen and William Geddes is great so far! It has fabulous ideas and photos and has already made me a lot smarter as to types of flowers, seasons, availability, etc.
Things I love about the book so far:

I. The authors really emphasize the power and visual impact of simple, monochromatic flower arranging. This style is the easiest for DIY…and just happens to be my favorite style! The authors also warn against overdecorating.
II. The authors explain which flower types are most pricey and suggest cheaper alternatives…that usually give close to the same look and are just as stunning.
III. The authors give advice for “do-it-yourselfers”: Like:

a.Order your flowers enough in advance so that the blooms open fully
b.Tips on caring for the flowers/ de-thorning/ leaf removal
c.Caveat to NOT order “fragile” blooms for DIY that are
temperamental, like orchids…


September 4, 2007. centerpiece, decorations.


  1. Meg replied:

    For some reason, I can’t comment on your dress post, but here is another dress you might consider, modeled here by Miss Petunia:
    It’s Alfred Angelo #1640 is similar to the first gown you love.

    From what you have written, it seems that #1 is more your style- a bit more glamorous, sexy, and definitely mermaid. At the same time, it’s a lot of money for a dress you’d wear once. Any thought on trying to get it used?

  2. mnc replied:

    Thanks, Meg:) I like that Alfred Angelo EXCEPT for the design detail on the bodice…*sigh*

    I guess I could keep my eyes open on getting one used. Do you mean thru those sites like pre-owned wedding gowns, etc.? Do you know of any places?

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