Review: RK Bridal: New York, NY

Where: RK Bridal, 319 W.39th Street NY, NY 10018
My Visit: Friday & Saturday Aug.31, Sep.1

Over Labor Day weekend I visited RK Bridal Boutique, located in an unassuming building on a side street near Times Square in New York City. It by FAR had the largest selection of wedding gowns I’ve seen under one roof in my search so far. In fact, it had more gowns than all of the places I’d visited in the DC/MD area, where I wasn’t having have much luck.

First, I made the mistake of going on a Friday afternoon when it was super busy. So after choosing some gowns to try on and realizing I’d have to wait for an hour or so to get a fitting room, the fiance and baby and I decided to return the following morning exactly when the store opened.

Fast forward to Saturday. RK opened at 9:30 a.m., but due to typical NYC traffic/congestion/hell fiance didn’t get me there until about 9:45. But even as about a half-dozen brides-to-be and bridesmaids had beaten me there, I was immediately assigned an assistant and given a dressing room.

My assistant was very helpful and laid back–not at all pushy. I told her the look I was going for and she immediately suggested some gowns for me to try. Meanwhile, I stormed the rack of mermaid/straight gowns– (it’s in the back on the left)a secret I’d learned the day before.

Then she asked the magic question: “Are there any gowns you’ve been wanting to try specifically?”

Me: “Yes!” (Then blurting out the four-digit number of the Allure gown I love but that I couldn’t find anywhere to try on. “Pleasssse tell me you have it…”

And they did!! They had THE gown!!

So I got to try on about six or seven gowns in the styles I’m interested in. And now I really do have a better idea of what I do and don’t want.

By the end of my “try-on” only two gowns had made my heart skip a beat: The one I’d been pining over (the sample fit me almost perfectly…and it was stunning) and one other gown that was never one that “jumped out at me” but that on looked really fabulous.

SO–at this point, I don’t imagine trying on too many more gowns, mainly because of the selection at area shops…
I may visit a bridal when I am home in Cleveland in October.
One popular one, Catan’s, promises to have a pretty good selection. In the meantime,I have to first decide on a gown, then figure out through which bridal shop or vendor I’m going to order!!

Overall Score, RK Bridal: A- for the sheer volume of gowns they have in store. I think they may very well be one of the largest bridals, period.


September 4, 2007. gowns, reviews, vendors.

One Comment

  1. Meg replied:

    Although Catan’s had a big selection, I personally found the staff to be extremely snobby. Horrible service until they found out I grew up in Shaker, and was having the reception downtown- then their tune changed completely.

    I can’t say enough good things about All Brides Beautiful in Hudson, which had the most gorgeous gowns, including some mermaids, like Melissa Sweet’s Lia.

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