Go DJ!! That’s my DJ!!!

So–of course, entertainment, bands/ DJs, can make or break a wedding reception.
And seeing as though I really want to party after dinner, I need good entertainment!
Between web site search engines and catch-all web sites like PartyPop and Decidio that claim to be directories for wedding “service providers” I had become frustrated trying to find a good dj.
I came across dozens of DJs with web sites that revealed them to be one or all of the following:

a. cheesy
b. overpriced
d. 45-year-old white male

Now, there is nothing wrong with any of the above categories, but it is not exactly what I had in mind for me and Drue’s wedding.
After all, we are:

a. not cheesy
b. on a budget
c. very professional
d. twenty-something, young and black

So, of course, I took matters into my own hands and dug way down deep to the skills I learned in one journalism college class called “Information Gathering”- to find who I was looking for.

Enter Clint. Clint is the co-owner of a newly established disc jockey company based in Sandusky but that plays all over Ohio and Detroit. Now, I won’t link to his web site, because at first glance, it is kind of cheesy…BUT after one really searches it, there is tons of great content, including several examples of music mixes he’s done that you can actually listen to, videos showing his very professional equipment and lighting etc.

I was very impressed with his services. Mainly because I am very eclectic, and to see the range of music he knows and can mix really shocked me. He did hip-hop, old school, reggae…even HOUSE (although fiance may not allow it, I love it!!)

AND he has experience spinning in nightclubs, which is very cool.

AND his pricing is “music to my ears”–he quoted me at a discount of several hundred dollars of his normal pricing because I will be the first booking in the Cleveland-area.

AND he will do the ceremony and cocktail music (6-hour booking) and act as an emcee at the reception and will honor our “Please play” and “Do NOT play” lists!

I’m excited. Fiance and I have decided to reserve our date with him, and just as confirmation to how fabulous we think he is, we’re going to try to go to one of his events to hear him spin over holiday break.


August 30, 2007. vendors.

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