Honeymoon Registry??

Ummm…ok…I had never heard of this before until today.
Apparently, in lieu of a traditional wedding registry a la Crate&Barrel, Target, you now can set up registrys with the likes of Sandals and Starwood Resorts. Sorry if this is old news, but it’s new to me!
This from weddingchannel.com:
A Honeymoon Registry isn’t just one of the hottest trends for today’s couples — it’s an incredible opportunity for newlyweds to take the trip of a lifetime AND have their friends and family help pay for it as their wedding gift!
Why Are Honeymoon Registries So Popular?
· They’re a great option for couples that already have most of the traditional household items, but still need wedding-gift ideas for friends.
· Couples paying for their own wedding and honeymoon are able to take a more luxurious trip.
· Honeymoon Registry programs come with FREE honeymoon planners to help plan the perfect trip and make arrangements for local activities and romantic dinner.
· Friends can now give a gift they’re sure the couple will love AND use.

How Does It Work?
It’s super simple. After you make your honeymoon reservation at any of the participating Sandals or Starwood hotels or resorts, go to WeddingChannel.com to tell us how much you want to register for. We then create a honeymoon registry so your friends can see where you are going and buy gift certificates in any amount they want. That’s it!

What Do The Gift Certificates Cover?
Depending on the hotel, Gift Certificates or Gift Checks can be used on just about anything that can be applied to your hotel bill, including: · Room charges · Hotel dining and bar tabs · Hotel spa treatments, golf fees, and more!

How Do I Tell My Friends?
After creating a Honeymoon Registry on WeddingChannel.com, your registry automatically appears in our famous registry search. All you have to do is tell your friends to go to WeddingChannel.com, or send our “tell a friend email” with links directly to your honeymoon registry (and any other registries you may have on our site).

So, I have two questions:
1. Has anyone ever heard of or had experience with this before?
2. Is this totally TACKY?


August 21, 2007. Honeymoon.


  1. Meg replied:

    A honeymoon registry is not something that we are planning on doing, partly because I’m a traditionalist about gift giving.

    I’ve heard that people who do it typically get good feedback on the registry. There are a lot of places that do honeymoon registries. If you do go this route, read the fine print carefully- often times there are hidden fees. I’ve heard good things about http://www.honeyfund.com

  2. najahf replied:

    my friend did it for her wedding. i don’t think anything bad happened in terms of fees etc. but i just thought if I was going to spend $50 I might as well buy them some silverware or something they need. since you guys already have a house etc., maybe your guests will feel differently…

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