Why Rent when you can Buy?– Table Linens

OK–task #1 concerning wedding decor will be figuring out what my tables will look like.
There are 10 large, round tables. Each table will seat 10 guests.
So, the wedding/reception venue comes with basic white table linens. The problem is that the linens only fall a few inches over the table rim and I think it looks kind of tacky. So I want linens that fall to the floor or at least a few inches above the floor.

But in case you didn’t know, table linens are expensive.
The 72″ round linens I need cost on average about $30 a piece to rent. That’s $300 for just table linens. Now you know I am NOT paying that much!!
After weeks of research (thanks brief journalism career) I found a steal on Ebay from a seller named NYTLIN’s Clothing
This seller offers a lot of 10 72″ linens in any color for $150 plus $30 shipping. You can see them here.
So for $180–almost half of what I’d pay to rent–I can OWN 10 large table linens that I can THEN sell back? That’s great!
So I’ll prob go with something like this if linens remain a priority in my budget.
I feel like floor length linens are important (b/c we can’t do chair covers due to the type of chairs) to the overall feel and look of the reception. But if it comes down to the wire, they would prob be first to go in terms of decor…


August 20, 2007. centerpiece, decorations.

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