Why Rent when you can Buy?–Candle & Flower Holders

There is one thing I’ve learned concerning renting vs. buying items for a wedding thus far:
Do NOT rent if you can buy at a comparable/cheaper price, b/c you can always resell!

I’ve also learned:
-Glass candle/votive holders and vases are interchangeable, yet they always cost more when labeled “vases”
– A container is a container is a container. Who cares what it’s called?
There are some good web sites to find cute, cheap, bulk votive holders and vases like:Save on Crafts
Jamali Garden
Candle For Less
Wholesale Linens
Wal Mart
And, of course, your local Family Dollar, Dollar Tree…….

More of what I’ve learned:

-I love candles and the mood they set and all the pretty reflections they cast
-I like glass containers with clean, square/rectangle lines/shape
-I kind of like floating candles (though some types can look cheesy)
-IKEA is my friend! (See their new vase “Rektangel” which I think is $1.99/each.


August 20, 2007. candles, centerpiece, decorations.

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